About Catherine Soliz-Rey

     Catherine Soliz-Rey was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City. Growing up she had all the love, mentoring and support from her family. Being brought up in tough neighborhoods and poverty, she knew that she wanted to have a prosperous, successful life, to be able to give back to the community and help her family. As a young aspiring entrepreneur, she sought ways to start creating prosperity, leadership that would guide her to life she always wanted growing up.

    Catherine is now a Business and Marketing Coach, specializing in social media networking, internet marketing, branding and promotions.  A top level marketing student with experience in event coordination, fundraising, and design, Catherine’s skill range is vast. Catherine is a fierce and determined influential young woman who has represented several media and performing arts companies throughout New York State. She is a firm believer in personal empowerment and also helps others through regular volunteer work. Her organization and administrative skills have been influenced through her experience and association in Corporate Real Estate sales. Catherine’s outgoing nature and her exceptional determination made her a chosen affiliate for the Young National Leadership Conference.  Her promotion skills and knowledge of successful business ethics helps empower individuals to achieve their set goals. To meet the mission of Internet business and professional marketing in the technological age Catherine continues to assist companies and launch new brands. Her goal is to help others achieve success, starting from the inside. 

“Everyone has the control to direct their life in the direction that they want it,” says Catherine. The young entrepreneur believes that a job is not the way create wealth, it is through business ownership.


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